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Franchise Expert Divisions

Franchise Expert divisional structure reflects its commitment to produce individual services tailored to the specific needs of national and international franchisors and franchise owners.

Services to Prospective Franchisors

  1. Analyze the business model and readiness for franchising.
  2. Based on the analysis recommend Standardized business practices.
  3. We also put in place the required systems and procedures for further expansion, this includes the design of Franchise Kits, Franchisee Training procedures and Marketing Strategies.
  4. Selection and signing up prospects.
  5. First Phase Franchisee Recruitment and Assessment
  6. Continued Recruitment of Franchisees
  7. Implementation Support

Services to Established Franchisors:

  1. Re-structure and refine the entire franchise prospects of the existing franchisors, this entails preparation of the draft franchise prospects, disclosure details, manuals, and associated presentation material.
  2. Lead generation
  3. Selection and signing up prospects.

Services to the Entrepreneurs who are seeking the right franchise Opportunity that suit them

  1. Complete Assistance in finding, choosing, representing, negotiating and finally buying a business of choice through a network of offices and trained professionals across the country.
  2. Franchisor assessment advice and guidance
  3. Franchisor Specific evaluation.
  4. Business valuation for sale purposes
  5. Business Sale- franchisee requirement.
  6. Established business acquisition prospective franchisee Purchase.
  7. Master Franchisee rights acquisition.

Services to International Franchisors

  1. Pre-entry Studies
  2. Infrastructure Adaptation – Manuals, Agreements, Systems and Methods
  3. Master Franchisee Recruitment
  4. Implementation Support
  5. Master Franchise Assessment and Enhancement
  6. International Strategy Review
  7. Re-allocation of Master Franchise Rights