Domino’s Pizza Launches BurgerPizza in India

Domino’s Pizza BurgerPizzaLooks like a Burger Tastes like a Pizza it’s BurgerPizza, Domino’s the world’s largest pizza brand launches its first hybrid, the Burger-Pizza. And so takes the fight for the Indian QSR space to the burger kingdom.

“It only looks like a burger, but has all the goodness of a pizza inside,” says Dev Amritesh, president and chief business officer of Domino’s Pizza India. Perhaps, that’s the reason why the pizza maker is not calling it a burger but a BurgerPizza — a cross between the two. The BurgerPizza will come in two vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants, with a starting price tag of `89. Unlike most burgers, it doesn’t have a patty, is loaded with herbs, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese — ingredients that are central to pizzas — and is oven baked.

Burgers in India are all-day escape and fun food while pizzas are becoming meal replacement and comfort food. The ‘all day, individual consumption occasion’ is an opportunity that is incremental to Domino’s, explains Amritesh. “BurgerPizza is our offering for this opportunity,” he says, quickly adding that though consumers order pizzas through the day, BurgerPizza will target the in-between meals day parts as well.

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