Barbarian Power Gym

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Business Profile : Enter the booming market of fitness with Barbarian Power Gym - A brand trusted by celebrities like Mr. Anil Ambani, Mr. Aamir Khan, Mr. Hrithik Roshan, Mr. Saif Ali Khan, Mr. Zayed Khan, Mr. Ajay Devgan, Miss Esha Deol, Mr.Vivek Oberoi and Miss Rani Mukerjee. No. of Franchise Outlets 4 A Brand is created after years of hard work, customer acceptance, advertisements and awareness. It took us 16 years to create Barbarian Power Gym what it is today. A brand trusted by celebrities like Mr. Anil Ambani, Mr. Aamir Khan, Mr. Hrithik Roshan, Mr. Saif Ali Khan, Mr. Zayed Khan, Mr. Ajay Devgan, Miss Esha Deol, Mr.Vivek Oberoi and Miss Rani Mukerjee. By becoming a Barbarian Power Gym franchisee, you can put the image of our brand to your advantage. You start on a well established platform which is recognized, respected and trusted all over India. You instantly get an edge over other competitors. Customer Psychology
According to market research 2 out of 3 customers prefer to go for a brand. Barbarian Power Gym is known as a quality fitness provider. Our track record and client list testify that we are the best in business. Customers trust us on the face value which alone is enough to make them join our gym. Barbarian Certified Trainers: Once a member joins our gym, our certified trainers make sure he gets his results and rejoin year after year. Our certified instructors are taught not only to give expert training, but also to motivate and market future memberships. They also have the requisite knowledge regarding food supplements and diet. Design Consultancy: We aim at providing our franchisees with all possible help regarding the design of the health club. Keeping functionality in mind we use each and every corner . We believe that the place where you workout should have a personality of its own and should grow upon you with each passing day. Online Quality Monitoring through video conferencing. All our branches are monitored through IP cameras and are connected through internet to a centralized monitoring station in Mumbai from where we keep a check on the quality rendered at various out let. This connectivity is also used for online fitness programs, updates and consultancy. Software for Access Control. All our centres run Independently on a biometric access control cum accounting software. This software is provided to the franchisees by the company. Sale of licensed apparel and food supplements. As a value add-on our franchisee get to sell our licensed apparel - Barbarian Clothing, Sports Gear and food supplements from their respective outlets. Ready made Promotional artworks and advertisement campaign. We have a variety of advertisement and promotional models- ready-made to suite the requirements of our franchisees. With the "Star Power" in our campaigns, we have a winning edge over other competitors. Our franchisee benefits most from these. These advertisements can be played over cable TV, cinema slides, hoarding and news papers. Explosive launch and celebrity visits. We believe - First impression is the last impression. Our franchisees get an option to go for a launch show at the inauguration day. The show features a fashion show, dance performance, body building show and celebrity visit.
An ideally located premises with interiors and air-conditioning - 2500 sq. ft. to 25,000 sq. ft. One time franchising fee - Rs.5,00,000/- ( small towns) / Rs. 10,00,000/- metropolitans.
An investment on Equipment - as low as Rs.15,00,000/- to Rs. 1,50,00,000/- Monthly royalty- Rs. 10,000/- OR 15 % of gross collections which ever is higher.

Business Opportunity : Our franchisee reflects our image. We are looking for dynamic visionaries who understand the potential of fitness. We are fast growing with various franchisee models- domestic and international. We are open to individuals / companies who would like to expand with us on a worldwide basis.
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