Big Chick

No. of franchise outlets:

Minimum Area Required: 200-400 Sq Ft/ Express: 500-600 Sq Ft / Restaurant: 800-1200 Sq Ft

Business Profile :

"BIG CHICK FRIED CHICKEN is an Indian owned and operated quick service restaurant brand. BIG CHICK is a quick service chicken restaurant serving the tastiest crumb fried chicken, burgers, wraps, salads, fries, nuggets, wedges and many more….BIG CHICK turnkey programme delivers two important ingredients - - maximum flexibility & return on investment. Combine this with the best tasting chicken and a thriving growth segment and you have got a lucrative business model you can bank on.

BIG CHICK FRIED CHICKEN believes that an important element to its franchise system is the owner/operator philosophy. When an operator of a restaurant is also the owner, he tends to pay particular attention to all of the details required for serving high quality food, with wonderful customer service at reasonable prices. Big chick fried chicken seeks the finest, hardest working individuals to open new franchise locations across India.

When you join the BIG CHICK family you receive the support provided by an organization committed to success. You will also benefit from the experience of a professional management team. BIG CHICK has developed an effective, systematic process to get our franchises up and running quickly. That support includes Restaurant Design, Operational support, Purchasing, Equipment selection, Training, Advertising and Marketing and Site selection."

Kiosk: 8-10Lacs/ Express: 18- 20 Lacs / Restaurant:25-30 Lacs

Kiosk:200-400 Sq Ft/ Express: 500-600 Sq Ft / Restaurant: 800-1200 Sq Ft

Business Opportunity :
Contact Person : Arun Krishnasamy