Kwality Walls

No. of franchise outlets:

Minimum Area Required: E-India Seating Area(approx. rqd) 300-500sq.ft. E-India Kiosk Area(approx. rqd) Option A : 80sq.ft. , Option B: 48sq.ft.

Business Profile : HLL is India's largest & most trusted FMGG player with revenues of Rs.9927 Crores, in the year2004. Our brands spread across 20 distinct consumer categories including Home & Personel Care products & Foods & Beverages. In fact, our products touch the lives of two out of every three Indians everyday. We have used our tradional strengths in branding & sales & distribution to create & market some of India's most trusted products. Our products portfolio includes detergents such as detergents, Shampoos, Soaps, Specialities, Skin care products & foods. We strongly beleive that retailing will be the next big thing in the ice cream industry. Parlours are high
E-India Seating
Investment 5 to 7 Lacs
E-India Kiosk
Investment 3 to 4 4 Lacs

Business Opportunity : There are two types of oppurtunities one is E-India kiosks targeting 'on-the-move' customer, the one who picks up an ice-cream on his way to other things. They do not provide seating area & only serve as a vending outlet. Here a customer can obtain high quality flavours, sundaes & combos at affordable prices. Location is critical to this model. High street locations like busy shopping arcades & market places are ideal. Secondly E-India seating parlour targeting the 'out & about' customer, the one who is actively seeking an ice cream, like young couples out on a adate, or a family seeking ice cream after dinner. The seating parlour focuses on creating a memorable experience for the customer.
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