213_x_68_pixelsSangopan is dedicated to consistently deliver a unique set of products and services designed to further the health and wellbeing of mother and baby.

Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine, has wealth of knowledge and richness of experience on what is best for the health and wellness of mother and infant.

Post Natal massage is one of the examples of a practice which has been considered very important by Ayurveda and has been practiced in almost all communities in India for thousands of years.

The modern medicine is only now discovering benefits of some of these medicines and practices which have long been recommended by Ayurveda.

At Sangopan it is our goal to create and deliver to mothers and infants a set of products and services which are based on the wisdom enshrined in the Ayurveda and combined with practices backed by modern medicine and latest professional practices.

Our goal is to make Sangopan as the destination for expecting and new moms which provides them with information, fitness and wellness solutions during this most special time of their lives. We equip you with knowledge, provide treatments to relax, rejuvenate and revive you so you have tons of positive, happy energy to shower on your child!.

If you believe in the traditional system of medicine of Ayurveda, if you are interested in a proven business opportunity around the sensitive segment of mother and infant, and if you want to be a leader in your segment in your city, then Sangopan franchisee is the right option for you.

For the first time in India, you have a Mother and Child health and Wellness franchise from a proven brand for services which are unique in nature.

You get access to an established brand, set systems and processes and an opportunity to be the “first” in your city to build a profitable business from a unique business model.

A Sangopan franchise is your opportunity to take your personal interest in a health and wellness franchise which is revolutionizing the Medical field and taking it at par with the world’s professional standards.

If this sounds interesting to you and you have the investment capability of Rs 5 Lakhs, we would be glad to invite you to read further and engage with us on a dialogue to discover a journey towards a building a profitable, successful and a satisfying business with a proven brand .

We invite you to come join the Sangopan Family!

No. of franchise outlets: Nill

Minimum Area Required: 500 Sq Ft

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Contact Person : Project Manager