South Paw

No. of franchise outlets: 7

Minimum Area Required: 300 Sq.Ft

Business Profile :

Founded in Mangalore in 2010, South Paw built its reputation on its commitment to "quality & fresh American fast food with a mix of Indian spice served at affordable price." These were the words of Chef Vijay Anand’s "Statement of Principles," upon which he founded and operated.

Vijay came to Mangalore with an initial investment of 20 Lakhs, 10+ years experience in the food industry throughout the country and a love of contemporary food. With these, he began a Proprietorship - South Paw to launch the first successful brand “Hot Bitez”.

After 2 years of steady, streamlined and flourishing growth, his initiative “xPANd India” started inviting franchisees for an advantageous partnership throughout the country and through which he has opened 7 successful operating franchisees

Business Opportunity :


Intense market research and target market evaluation suggest that Hot Bitez is ideally situated to cater to an unfulfilled market segment. Moreover, years of operational and marketing experience have been organized and documented to create a comprehensive blueprint for success. Proven marketing techniques and operational systems will allow management to be proactive rather than reactive to the conditions and obstacles associated with opening a new fast food concept.
Now that Hot Bitez is recognized in the market with an appealing menu; a comfortable atmosphere and reasonable prices will position the concept for broad customer appeal in a wide range of markets. Throughout PAN INDIA we now, intend to grow and expand hence we invite Franchisee's to join us in a mutually beneficial partnership and become a HOT BITEZ FRANCHISEE.
Becoming a Hot Bitez franchisee is a big step. It’s a commitment of time and money to get started. Then there’s a continuing, 5-year commitment to hard work as you build and sustain above average performance. It’s not for everyone and, before applying, you should feel sure that it’s right for you.
Hot Bitez doesn't need your money, what we do always need; however, are committed individuals with a proven track record of success in people development, people management, sales and marketing. If you think you have those skills and want to apply, please send an email to

Contact Person : Vijay Anand