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International Franchising

With our detailed International Franchise Development Program, we can assist businesses from initial research right through to Master Franchisee recruitment in India.

Phase One – The Pre-Entry Study

Franchise Expert meets with key personnel to determine needs, analyse systems used, identify corporate strengths and assess suitability for the Indian market. Franchise Expert recommends starting with a detailed pre-entry study which helps assess the suitability of the business for market expansion. A pre-entry study covers key areas, which include market research, Franchise fee structures, capital requirements, financial projections, Assisting with securing intellectual property rights, and other additional important considerations.

Phase Two – Franchise Development

Franchise Expert conducts pre-entry research, defining the content and market value of the Master Franchise Rights package and identifying the key tasks involved in achieving the allocation of Master Franchise Rights.

This is followed by the creation of the India Franchise Development Program and financial projections for Master or Area Development Franchisees and their networks. Franchise Expert then works with experienced Franchise Lawyers to produce the Franchise Agreements, before assisting with securing the intellectual property rights and co-ordinating the preparation of promotional materials to support the marketing of the franchise rights.

Phase Three – Master Franchisee Recruitment

Franchise Expert utilizes its database of known investors, obtained from exhibition marketing, specialized franchise print and online publications and network of associate offices, to co-ordinate the most effective franchise recruitment campaign. Our team responds to enquiries, drawing up a shortlist of suitable candidates and arranges introductory meetings between the franchisor and the prospective investors. Franchise Expert will then deploy resources to assist all parties to develop the franchise to its full potential.

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